Who Are We?

WagerEdge is a leading provider of free premium sports betting content

We’re a group sports fans with a common interest, sports betting. Long before this industry became mainstream with major networks displaying lines, we’ve looked at games and matchups in terms of spreads and over unders. Over the past year we’ve all realized something, we’ve been listening to each others picks instead of major networks and other brands because we trust our source. We want to ride together. Neither of us ever misses a day following the sport we cover, and we’re always betting our own money on it.

This is why WagerEdge was established. The popularity of this industry has sky rocketed because companies recognized there’s a ton of money to be made, but that’s not why we’re here. The markets been saturated with people everywhere offering their picks who are no more reliable than your basketball crazed buddy in your group chat. And that’s fine, but we’re tired of listening to everyone else, and certainly don’t want to pay for takes we get for free, so we decided to make everything public and free.

We recognize that sports betting is entertainment. While we believe our staff has the individual sports knowledge to give you an edge, we also know that in the sports betting world, hitting 50% over the long-term is considered successful, somewhere between a great hitter and bad free throw shooter.

We don’t try to prove that we know what we’re talking about by writing an article that takes you 10 minutes to read and scroll through just to get down to our suggested pick. We’re suggesting our picks because that exists behind the scenes, but you only need the quick and most relevant take.

We will never post a pick that we don’t bet on ourselves.

Losing sucks, but winning is electric, and we’ll go through plenty of both together. Ride with us!

The WagerEdge Team: