Frozen Four National Semi-Finals

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    Time (EST)GamePick
    5:00pmBoston University vs Minnesota GophersBU ML (.5 Unit) (+150)
    8:30pmQuinnipiac Bobcats Vs Michigan WolverinesMichigan -1.5 (+160)

    Boston University vs Minnesota Gophers
    Is it still Golden Gophers, or just Gophers? Gophers feels right. I don’t really like the lines on this game. Minnesota is the better team, they should win. They’re way too heavy favorites to take any action on them though. The Over Under is 6.5, feel like this game could go either way. The more I look at this match up, the friskier I get. I think BU is pesky enough to hang around and skilled enough to capitalize on enough opportunities. Hockey East Regular Season and Tournament Champions used to mean something in this world, it’s time we give the #5 ranked Terriers the respect they deserve, but at half a unit. Really wish they had played Denver to get a better read on them.

    PICK: BU Money Line (+150)

    Quinnipiac Bobcats vs Michigan Wolverines

    Listen. I love Quinnipiac. The women are beautiful, the pizza is fantastic. The polling center is one of the most well known in the country. The Rathskellar (AKA the Rat) “dining hall” should have been a 3-Star Michelin rated restaurant. I know the name changed years ago, I don’t care. Their hockey team has had an amazing run over the past decade. They’re 2-0 in National Semi-Final Games at the Frozen Four. BUT…Michigan is going to kill them. Ohio State out shot them 2:1, and I won’t say should have won, but they definitely could have won. Michigan is too good, you can play your defensive style all day and frustrate Michigan through the NZ, but they will wear you down with speed and they will score off the rush where Ohio State didn’t.

    Pick:  Michigan -1.5 (+160)

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